Cookie policy

1. Purpose and scope


This is to inform you that during your visits to our website or mobile application, cookies may be installed on your device (desktop or laptop computer, tablet or smartphone).

As such, this policy is intended to inform you of the essential facts about the way in which we use these cookies, our aims in using them, and to let you know your rights in this matter.

2. What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are stored and/or read by the device of an Internet user when consulting a website or any mobile application, and used by this website or application to send information to the browser software.

During the period for which it is valid, a cookie allows its sender to recognise the device each time it accesses content containing cookies from the same sender.

Only the sender of a cookie can read or modify the information contained in it.

3. Purpose of the cookies used

The cookies we use can be grouped into three categories:

  1. cookies known as essential or technical cookies;
  2. audience measurement cookies; and
  3. advertising cookies.

1. Essential or technical cookies

Essential or technical cookies are those whose sole purpose is to enable or facilitate communication by electronic means, or those strictly necessary for the provision of an online communication service at the express request of the user. 


These cookies enable specifically:

  • Retention of the user's choice around the use of tracking cookies;
  • Authentication by a service;
  • Adaptation of the way the site is presented to the device's display preferences;
  • Remembering information relating to the contents of a shopping basket, or to forms that the user has filled in on the site;
  • Providing the user with access to their account.


2. Audience measurement cookies

Audience measurement cookies are used to obtain information about the user's browsing (examples of reasons: performance measurement, detection of browsing problems, optimisation of technical performance or ergonomics, estimating the server power required, analysis of content viewed, etc.).

3. Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies are related to targeted advertising, i.e. observing users' browsing habits, making it possible to create a specific profile in order to show advertisements tailored to them. 

4. Third-party cookies

Our website or mobile application may also contain third-party cookies.

We ensure that third party services manage these cookies correctly, but we cannot be held responsible for them.


5. How long are they kept?

We comply with the CNIL's requirements regarding data retention periods.

Technical or essential cookies are kept for the time required to provide and operate the service.

As far as audience measurement cookies are concerned, their lifetime is no longer than 13 months. Information collected through trackers is kept for 25 months.

Other cookies are kept for a reasonable period of time necessary for the purposes for which they are used. The validity of the consent granted will not exceed 13 months.

6. Consent and exemption

In accordance with CNIL guidelines, some cookies require prior consent while others are exempt.

Cookies that require your prior consent are cookies of an advertising nature.

Technical and audience measurement cookies are exempt.

With regard to audience measurement cookies that would process personal data, you can exercise your right to object.

To collect consent and manage the right to object, we use a Consent Management Platform ("CMP").

You can easily manage the activation or deactivation of our cookies using this tool, with the exception of technical cookies which are and remain necessary for the proper functioning of our services.


7. Contact us 

If you have any questions, please contact our data protection officer (see data protection policy).


8. Review

In the event of regulatory changes or recommendations from the CNIL, we reserve the right to modify this policy. You will be notified of any new policy before it comes into effect.