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Discover our tips to help you prepare your trip to London

Everything you need to know about the Tower of London

Built by William the Conqueror near the end of 1066, the Tower of London has been used as a royal residence, a treasury, an armoury, a zoo, the Royal Mint and the home of the Crown Jewels. Take a look at this top attraction and discover everything you need to know about it.

Celebrate Chinese New Year in London

Did you know London’s festivities are the biggest Chinese New Year celebrations outside of Asia? So as we bid farewell to one year, we welcome the new one with colourful parades, dazzling performances and mouth-watering food! For the easiest way to celebrate the festivities, book your Tootbus ticket today. 

Top 20 Parks in London

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of central London, so sometimes it’s nice to step away and enjoy the scenery. Take a break from the city and check out one of the many stunning parks with family or friends then get back to sightseeing on one of our Tootbus tours.

Things to Do and See in Greenwich

You might think Greenwich is only known as the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), but there are a whole host of other exciting sights to see, including one of the capital’s largest green spaces, a word-class museum, a famous ship and many pubs and restaurants! 

Famous Filming Locations in London

Have your friends and family ever saw somewhere on the big screen that you’d love to visit in real life? With beautiful streets, parks and monuments, it’s easy to see why London appeals to filmmakers and tourists. See the magic of the movies come to life in the capital by visiting famous film locations in London.

The Most Popular Tourist Hotspots in London

If you’re in need of some inspiration on the top tourist hotspots to visit in London, we’ve searched Instagram to find the most used hashtags from London hotspots including well-known landmarks, locations and attractions! So let the countdown begin…

Summer Festivals in London

We know that loading up the car, putting up a tent and trudging through muddy fields can make going to a festival hard work. However, some of the summer’s hottest festivals are right in the centre of London, so you’re only a tube ride away from a fun-filled weekend.

Tourist Attractions: Westminster Abbey

Located a stone's throw away from The Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey is a Gothic Abbey church steeped in thousands of years of history. This architectural masterpiece has hosted various Royal weddings and is the resting place for some of Britain's most famous and historic figures.

The Best Afternoon Tea in London

There’s something quintessentially British about an afternoon tea! This ritual dates back to 1840 and has remained a firm favourite in the UK. Whether it’s a sandwich or scone, here are our top 16 afternoon tea spots to treat yourself to!