Bath Bus Company is revealing a new sightseeing brand


Operated by RATP Dev, sightseeing activities in the 3 cities will from now operate under a new brand. Previously, the subsidiary operated under the brand Navigatours in Bath and Cardiff and will open soon in Bristol. Moving forward, these networks will operate under the brand name Tootbus (The Original Open Tour Bus).


Tootbus Bath



The launch of this new identity underlines two important strategic decisions that our Sightseeing businesses have taken in recent months:

• Firstly, a desire to embody a new positioning centred on the city and the role that TootBus wishes to play. From the outset, we have striven to be more than just a “transport provider”, with tourism and entertainment being at the heart of the business and a commitment to creating unforgettable experiences for our customers.

• Secondly, after a year-long pause due to COVID-19, we will be resuming our operations under new conditions:

    - a high degree of digitalisation to simplify and improve the experience for our customers (e.g. making our audio guides downloadable in podcast format on a dedicated app and a user-friendly global website)

    - restructuring our offer to better match consumer demand among a more locallybased and family-oriented clientele. In light of the public health measures currently in effect, we offer an “open-air” experience on board our open-top buses, which is fully compliant with the recommendations of the public health authorities and endorsed by Visit Britain with their accreditation “We are Good to Go”.



This new identity comes with a promise to our customers: “Let the city simply take you by surprise”.

For international tourists and locals alike, discovering or rediscovering the city is an experience in itself. For many, their first glimpse of the city will be from one of our vehicles. Our role is to help our customers create memories and emotional connections with a city by giving them an experience that offers a fresh perspective each time. We also showcase the “hidden gems” of city, delivering a full, rich experience.

Vikki Annett, UK Senior Marketing Manager says “We have been showcasing the best of Bath and Cardiff for many years. However with this new brand, our launch of a HOHO service in Bristol, and a more dedicated customer-centric focus, we hope to enrich the customer experience where our cities really are the stars. We enable our customers to engage, connect and become fully immersed in what each location has to offer”



Lastly, this new brand embodies the identity of a unique company. One that is proud of the qualities that set it apart from the other key players in the sector, of its historical local roots, and of its commitment to the future.

• Historical and local roots: whether our presence in a city is long established—Bath Bus Company which has been operating since 1997—or more recent—as it will be the case in Bristol—we strive to work closely with the relevant local authorities and city residents alike.

• A comprehensive commitment: fully aware of environmental concerns and our responsibilities, we already offer the greenest fleet of sightseeing buses. Over the past six months, steps have been taken to ensure all vehicles we operate meet Euro 6 standards and are fully compliant with the local clean air zones. This has been executed with additional support and funding from local authorities. Our future aim is to convert our entire fleet to clean energy sources.

Tootbus will launch in Bath and Bristol from the 17th May 2021, with Cardiff to follow in the coming weeks. Key stake holders and partners will be invited to attend launch events to explore the Tootbus experience for themselves.

Derek White, MD for Bath Bus Company says: “We are delighted to be launching this modern, unique brand which is tailored to our customer’s needs. Coming out of Covid-19, and with the UK ahead on its vaccine rollout, we are looking forward to welcoming our customers on board our services. The new digital platforms will further enhance both our customer’s experience and our partnerships within the tourism sector”.



About Bath Bus Company

Bath Bus Company was founded in 1997 entering a competitive market, operating open-top bus tours, contract services and local bus services. Today it is the only sightseeing open-top bus services in the cities it operates within (Bath, Bristol and Cardiff), carrying over 250,000 passengers per year in Bath alone. Further to the sightseeing operations, Bath Bus Company also operates the Air Decker- the only direct link between Bath and Bristol Airport serving both tourists and local commuters. With 30 vehicles across the Bath Bus Company fleet, all buses in service fully comply with the newly-introduced clean air zone in Bath and proposed low emission zones being introduced in Bristol and Cardiff late 2021/ 2022.


About RATP Dev

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