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Brussels parks: 7 places to see

Brussels parks: 7 places to see

To make the most of your outing in Brussels, spend some time in the city's most beautiful parks:

  • Park of Brussels
  • Square du Petit Sablon
  • Leopold Park
  • Brussels Botanical Garden
  • Cinquantenaire Park
  • Laeken Park
  • Botanical Garden of Meise

1. Park of Brussels

The Park of Brussels, formerly known as the "Royal Park", is a French garden in the neoclassical style. Listed as a regional heritage site, it is the oldest in the capital.

Previously used by the Dukes of Brabant as a royal hunting ground, this 11-hectare green space is now an ideal place to relax.

As you walk through its paths, you will discover two impressive ornamental lakes and sculptures inspired by Greco-Roman mythology. You will also find monuments such as the Théâtre Royal du Parc, the Vauxhall and the Guinguette Royale.

Nearby are the Royal Street, the Royal Palace, the Palace of the Nation, but also museums, such as the Royal Museums of Fine Arts.

How to get there?

Red route: hop off at stop 12 Place Royale or stop 22 Palais Royal

Blue route: hop off at stop 1 Gare Centrale

2. Square du Petit Sablon

In front of the Notre-Dame-au-Sablon church is the Square du Petit Sablon. Designed in a Flemish neo-renaissance style, it is a park with remarkable architectural qualities. It houses 48 bronze statues representing the old professions of Brussels, and 10 marble sculptures of humanist personalities from the 16th century.

Other symbolic elements are present in the garden: nine flowerbeds cut in reference to the nine Belgian provinces of the 16th century and a crown-shaped flowerbed, representing Belgium. As you walk along the flowerbeds, you will see a magnificent fountain statue at the back of the park.

The back of the park leads to the Rue aux Laines, from where you can reach the Egmont Palace.

How to get there?

Red route: hop off at stop 13 Sablon / Zavel

3. Leopold Park

Enjoy your outing in the Leopold Park. This was a royal zoological garden before it became the sumptuous English garden we know today.

A stream runs along the slope of the park to the sea lion pond, next to the pond. While walking around, you can admire the Peace Tree and the bust of Jean-Jule Linden.

You can also explore the European institutions and visit places like the European Parliament hemicycle nearby.

How to get there?

Red route: hop off at stop 19 Parc Léopold


4. Brussels Botanical Garden

Inaugurated in 1829, the Brussels Botanical Garden was designed in three terraces.

The highest one, very structured, was designed in a French style. Here you can find the Orangery, which hosts various events such as concerts and cinema sessions.

The middle terrace is made in an Italian style where there is a star-shaped rose garden and the Iris garden.

The last terrace, in English style, has rest areas and leads to a pond, ideal for taking a break.

During your walk, you can observe the 30 sculptures and the huge variety of plants, including rare exotic species and the symbol of the Brussels-Capital Region: the iris.

How to get there?

Blue route: hop off at stop 2 Rogier

5. Cinquantenaire Park

The Cinquantenaire Park is a must-see in Brussels. It was built on the occasion of the anniversary of Belgium's independence in 1880. A combination of French garden and historical site, this place is full of cultural treasures.

You will find that a large triumphal arch overlooks the garden. Go to the top of it to enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the capital.

You can also visit several monuments and museums such as the Royal Museums of Art and History, Autoworld or the Institute of Artistic Heritage.

How to get there?

Red route: hop off at stop 20 Cinquantenaire

6. Laeken Park

Under the orders of King Leopold II, Laeken Park was built in the 19th century. Covering more than 100 hectares, this place includes the royal domain and many parks. Take the Green Walk to visit the Florist's Gardens, the Colonial Garden or the Osseghem Park.

The royal greenhouses contain many exotic species. They are open for two to three weeks each year, between mid-April and early May.

While walking around, take a moment to observe the monuments, such as the St. Anne's Chapel, the Dynasty Monument or the former United States Pavilion.

Not far from there is the Atomium, one of Brussels' top attractions that should not be missed!

How to get there?

Blue route: hop off at stop 4 Serres Royales / Koninklijke Serres or at stop 5 Atomium

7. Botanical Garden of Meise

The Botanical Garden of Meise is an exceptional place. Its 18,000 species of plants from all over the world make it one of the largest plant collections in the world. Open your eyes wide and enjoy the show!

Greenhouses have been built to protect tropical species. Explore them and be amazed by the different environments and species housed there.

This impressive garden is part of the 92 hectares of the Château de Bouchot, which you can visit. During your walk, discover botanical installations and exhibitions.

Feeling hungry? You will find picnic and food facilities.


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