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Halloween in Brussels 2023: how to celebrate Halloween?

Halloween in Brussels 2023: how to celebrate Halloween?

What activities to do in Brussels for Halloween?

There are lots of fun things to do in Brussels this Halloween. Explore the Museum of Fantastic Art and its collection of oddities, immerse yourself in a guided tour of Brussels' crime scenes, celebrate Halloween at Mini-Europe or solve terrifying mysteries at escape games.

Visit the Museum of Fantastic Art in Brussels

Full of strange objects, the Museum of Fantastic Art is THE museum to visit for Halloween! Its unique collection includes paintings, sculptures and sounds from different eras, with a fantastic, strange or surrealist spirit. Enter this special world and meet the Elephant Man, the mummy of Mato Grosso or the fusion between a woman and a spider. Its unusual and fascinating atmosphere is sure to arouse your curiosity and send shivers down your spine.

During the Halloween festival, you can explore the museum's permanent collection while solving enigmas to earn your witchcraft diploma. Finally, you can even take a ride on the little train!

The sister establishment, the Centre d'Art Fantastique, is offering activities for the event, perfect for families. The programme includes :

  • an 18-hole  Halloween mini-golf course ;
  • the  Halloween  Tram, a tram decorated for the occasion offering a 30-minute journey into the world of ghosts and other strange creatures. During the journey, you'll be served an aperitif (with or without alcohol) and pumpkin soup.

Please note that reservations are required for these activities.

How to get there ?

Red route: Hop off at stop 8 Louise - Palais de Justice or 9 Art Nouveau - Horta

Brussels Crime Tour: a guided tour of crime scenes

Discover the crimes that marked Brussels in the 19th and 20th centuries on a 2-hour guided walk. It's a real leap back in time, an immersion in the capital's past, its society and its customs. Thrills guaranteed!

The tour starts outside the entrance to Hotel Amigo. This attraction is recommended for people aged 12 and over.

Visits are scheduled for Friday 27 October 2023 at 6.30pm for a tour in English.

How to get there ?

Brussels before night: Hop off at stop 1 Gare Centrale

Red route: Hop off at stop 1 Gare Centrale

Celebrate Halloween at Mini-Europe

From 21 October to 5 November 2023, the Mini-Europe park will be in tune with the colours of Halloween, with special events from 28 to 31 October to get you in the mood! As well as all the Halloween decorations, you can discover the story behind Frankenstein, or the life of witches in the Middle Ages.

The park will be open every day from 10am to 6pm from 01/10/23 to 07/01/24. Please note that opening times are subject to change during other periods. You can take advantage of our Brussels Discovery + Mini Europe bus tour to stop by Mini Europe during your discovery of the city.

How to get there ?

Blue route: Hop off at stop 4 Atomium

Enjoy a horrific escape game at Get Out

If you're looking for thrills and adrenaline, this is the escape game for you. Get Out offers a wide range of mysterious investigations.

Some will give you the creeps, like "Hantises", where you will receive a mysterious message giving you a location, but once there, you will realise that you are not alone... This investigation is reserved for over 16s. Of course, other investigations are available according to your preferences.

How to get there ?

Red route: Hop off at stop 16 Palais Royal or 6 Place Royale

What films or shows to see in Brussels for Halloween?

How can we talk about Halloween without thinking about a movie night? Here are some shows for all ages, with a bonus list of the horror films we've got lined up for Halloween.

Shows at the Maison de la Création

On Tuesday 31 October 2023, the Maison de la Création is offering a programme for all ages. First, there will be a show entitled "Ma grand-mère avait des doigts de sorcières" (My grandmother had witches' fingers) at 4pm, which tells the story of a terrifying but kind-hearted witch who helps children get through childhood.

The Halloween night continues with a screening of the famous and macabre Addams Family at 8pm to send shivers down your spine. You're welcome to come dressed up!

Watch a movie at the cinema

For the more audacious, horror films are a great Halloween classic! A number of horror films are scheduled for the Halloween period, including Saw X, Malum and Five Nights At Freddy's.

Often, film marathons are planned for the occasion. Keep an eye out for the latest news on Halloween programming!

Where to spend your Halloween evening in Brussels in 2023?

Since Halloween is also synonymous with festivities and good times with friends, we've found some unusual and mysterious places where you can celebrate Halloween in Brussels.

Have a drink at Le Cercueil

This bar couldn't be more in tune with the theme! Le Cercueil is a bar with a macabre atmosphere, lit by black and red lights and set to the rhythm of hard rock. The interior is directly inspired by Halloween culture, right down to the tables, which are actually coffins.

The drinks match the theme too. You'll find unique cocktails like the death cocktail, the vampire's blood, and the speciality: liqueur flambéed with Belgian beer, served in a mug shaped like a skull. Please drink responsibly.

How to get there ?

Brussels before night: Hop off at stop 1 Gare Centrale

Red route: Hop off at stop 1 Gare Centrale

Sip a cocktail at the Pharmacie Anglaise

This steampunk and retro-themed bar is the perfect place to spend your Halloween evening. This former pharmacy converted into a bar retains all its authentic atmosphere, with bottles with strange contents on the shelves and other curiosities.

You'll have the chance to try special cocktails with experimental names like the Pharmacist G&T and Hendrick's Orbium & Tonic. If you're feeling peckish, you can also order food.

How to get there ?

Red route: Hop off at stop 16 Palais Royal ou 6 Place Royale


To continue your visit to Brussels, discover our Tootwalk feature. You'll have three self-guided walks at your disposal with different themes, to discover the city from a new angle in less than an hour:

  • Hypercentre: Chocolates, Comics and Culture
  • Art Nouveau Route
  • European Quarter

It's sure to be a day full of discoveries. On that note, happy Halloween!